Thursday, September 25, 2014

Welcome To The World Of Women

Welcome  to the blog of women!!! Glad you decided to join the movement of women around the world. This is a blog to ask questions, blow steam, get advice, talk about issues, etc... This is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE AND A NO COMPETITION ZONE. This is a SECURE WOMAN ZONE. If you are having insecurities and you are desperately trying to change you are truly welcomed to join us for encouragement on your journey to become a better woman. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I want all women to have an understanding of one another. Women need to be respected by other women because if we don't respect ourselves and each other men won't know how to respect us either. We have to understand that society puts pressure on us to be role models because we are and it does get frustrating. So let's make ourselves better women so we can make a difference in the world. Believe it or not women have a major impact on the world and no its not because we have a vagina, please so get it confused much more comes from being a woman. We are the emotional lovers, the understanding friend, sister, aunt, or mother, and we live everyday to ensure everybody is well and happy. Sometimes as women we forget that we too need to find time to make ourselves happy. We are taught to be independent. We are taught to cook, clean, work, nurse, and take care of the children. Nobody stops just to say how appreciative they are of your services. We sometimes feel dissatisfied, unwanted, and unappreciated because we do much and get very little love and respect that we deserve. We sometimes also feel that people can be inconsiderate and selfish because they seem to try to break us down just because we are women. Women are known for being sensitive creatures but not all women. Some women can be emotionless because of heartbreak and humiliation so nothing phases them. Ashamed to say I am one of those women but I am slowly changing to show emotions because I want to feel again. I don't want to walk this earth numb. Every women deserves to love and feel love. As women we are the main source of teaching so teach your daughters to love herself and show your sons the love he should get from a woman so he knows how to respect and treat his lady. The problem with men today is that they weren't shown the love of a women through their mother so they have no clue on how to treat a woman. I'm not bashing parenting skills but if your son sees you in and out of relationships, using people for money in relationships, and cheating on your partner all their life they are going to think all women behave in that manner. Ladies if you have a son teach him that all women deserve respect but watch out for the ones who are no good. Ladies if have a daughter please teach her to be secure. Please teach your daughter that all men are not gentlemen and be very cautious on who she gives her love to, try to the best of your ability to explain to her the difference between a boy and a man, and show her that she's worth more than any price tag so she can't be brought. In older days, women had no rights but now we do because we are worth more to the world than they want us to know. Men are important too but we have to nurture them just like a baby. So we have the power to change every aspect in the world, let's start with ourselves so we can help everybody else.